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Mandolin Build-a-Break– Red River Valley!

Mandolin- Red River Valley Build-a-Break
We'll start with the basic melody in C, a great key to sing it in! From there we'll add some strumming accompaniment, then crosspicking, and finally turn loose a bit up top!

Banjo Build-a-Break for Amazing Grace!

Banjo- Amazing Grace Build-a-Break
One of the top questions I receive regarding banjo is how to know which roll to play and when to play it. We're gonna address that here as we learn 3 solos for "Amazing Grace" in G! And, for those of you wanting to learn banjo, this basic melody is a grea

Mandolin Build-a-Break for Amazing Grace!

Mandolin- Amazing Grace, Build-a-Break
We'll land on a super tasty 3rd solo for "Amazing Grace" in G, but I'll first show you the pieces of the puzzle to get there, beginning with the basic melody! This is a great key to sing it in, as well.

Amazing Grace Build-a-Break Guitar Lesson!

Guitar- Amazing Grace- Build-a-Break
By the grace of God, we start a new year! Now let's get to pickin'! We'll start with the basic melody of "Amazing Grace" that ANYONE can learn, then add strums and continue to beef it up. Also, this is a KILLER pick accuracy exercise, and we'll have fun d

Banjo Build-a-Break for "Good King Wenceslas!"

Banjo- Good King Wenceslas Build-a-Break
Let's get in the Christmas spirit and get better at banjo. Want to? Me too. We'll start with the basic melody, add rolls and fillers to thicken it up, and finally import licks to build a solo hotter than Granny's cocoa! Don't forget the 3 speeds of mp3 ja

Build-a-Break Mandolin Lesson for Good King Wenceslas!

Mandolin- Good King Wenceslas Build-a-Break
We have three solos to this classic Christmas tune in build-a-break fashion. This means we'll start with the basic melody, then add eighth notes and scale licks to beef it up, then a third solo full of licks and tricks that will make Granny giddy. Enjoy t

Good King Wenceslas Build-a-Break Guitar Lesson!

Guitar- Good King Wenceslas
It's my favorite time of the year, and I've coupled that with my favorite style of lesson: build-a-break! We'll first learn the basic melody to this Christmas favorite, then add eighth notes and scales, and finally fill it full of licks to top it off! Don

Banjo Build-A-Break– Wreck of the Old 97

Banjo- Wreck of the Old 97- Build-a-Break
Let's learn how to build banjo breaks using this classic tune! We'll first get the bare melody down pat, then we'll add basic rolls. Finally, we'll beef it up with some licks and tricks. Most importantly, you'll learn how to do this with ANY song! Don't f
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