March 2017 Posts

3 HOT Guitar Solos for John Henry!

Guitar- John Henry
Be sure to follow the link below to see a big announcement! And, this week's lesson is huge. I'll teach you 3 HOT solos for "John Henry" in the key of G. We'll start down low and progress up the neck. You can do it!

Multiple Keys, No Capo! Red River Valley on Banjo!

Banjo- Red River Valley
This week we'll learn 3 banjo solos for Red River Vally in 3 different keys. But here's the kicker–no capo or retuning! Let's start in the key of C, then modulate to D and G. There's different strategy involved for each key, which is what we'll focus on t

SOLD! Carson Herringbone 28-Style Guitar!

Carson Guitar for sale
SOLD! I've got a great deal for someone looking for a unique and SOLID dread guitar! My friend Russ Carson (banjo picker for Ricky Skaggs) built this one in '07. He's finally ready to turn loose of it, and it can be yours!

Mandolin Build-a-Break– Red River Valley!

Mandolin- Red River Valley Build-a-Break
We'll start with the basic melody in C, a great key to sing it in! From there we'll add some strumming accompaniment, then crosspicking, and finally turn loose a bit up top!

Boogie Woogie Banjo Backup– 2nd Edition!

Banjo- Boogie Woogie Backup- 2nd Edition
I'll be honest and state this is some of my most extensive and applicable teaching regarding banjo backup–a HOT topic amongst players. We're gonna learn four different closed boogie woogie licks that build upon each other. I'll show you how to use, modify
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