February 2017 Posts

B Major Scale Study for Mandolin!

Mandolin- B Major Scale Study
I get TONS of questions about playing in B on the mandolin. I can teach you some licks (and I will...you know me), but I also want you to understand what you're doing. We'll start with 3 different positions you HAVE to know, then give you a killer finger-

Life's Railway for Banjo– Hot Solo AND Backup!

Banjo- Life's Railway to Heaven Solo and Backup
This is the last week in our "Life's Railway" series, and I leave you banjo pickers with a bang. Let's learn a challenging solo AND some rolling backup! I've got tabs for both, as well as five jamtrack mp3's, and I'll explain how I arrived at both.

Hot Mandolin Friday– Life's Railway to Heaven!

Mandolin- Life's Railway to Heaven
Gold Pick member Jason Caines requested I make this one a "10" to let it hang out, so I did while still trying to remain tasty and communicate the melodious beauty of this ol' gospel tune. Enjoy!
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