September 2016 Posts

Boogie Woogie Banjo Backup!

Banjo- Boogie Woogie Backup
This is a big one, folks. I'll show you 5 different boogie-woogie backup licks and how to use them. But first, we're gonna lay a solid theory foundation so you actually know what you're doing!! From beginners to advanced, this one has much to offer.

Bag O' Licks in E for GUITAR!!!

Guitar- Bag O' Licks in E
It's here! Let's learn 6 licks in E, and 3 each in A and B (NO CAPO!) then apply them to a basic 12-bar blues progression! Also, many of these licks can easily be transposed to any key you'd like, and I'm gonna show you how.

Bag O' Licks in E for Mandolin!

Mandolin- Bag O' Licks in E
How are you in the key of E? I think I can make you better! We'll start by covering a few basic scales in E to learn where these licks derive from. Then, we'll learn 6 E licks and 2 licks each of A, B, and C#min! Even more, we'll learn how to use them and

Banjo Build-A-Break– Wreck of the Old 97

Banjo- Wreck of the Old 97- Build-a-Break
Let's learn how to build banjo breaks using this classic tune! We'll first get the bare melody down pat, then we'll add basic rolls. Finally, we'll beef it up with some licks and tricks. Most importantly, you'll learn how to do this with ANY song! Don't f

The Wreck of the Old 97– Carter-style Guitar!

Guitar- The Wreck of the Old 97
Let's knock out a couple birdies with the same rock, as they say. I've been hearing requests for Carter-style guitar, but also pick-hand technique exercises. Done. We'll start with the basic (BASIC!) melody, then add strums to fill in the gaps, then add h
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