July 2016 Posts

Two Guitar Solos for Cuckoo's Nest!

Two Guitar Solos for Cuckoo's Nest!
Let's learn two solos in the key of D for this fun tune! What a great pick hand workout as well! The first solo is a straight-ahead melody presentation while the second is a note-for-note unison solo with mandolin. Grab a mando-pickin' buddy and get after

Cuckoo's Nest for Banjo– Basic & Advanced Solos!

Banjo- Cuckoo's Nest– Two Solos
There are two solos for this frolicking fiddle tune in D! The first is a banjo melody with some Scruggs licks, then the second is built to play in unison with the mandolin I've taught already. Playing in unison with other instruments requires us to be res

Cuckoo's Nest for Mandolin– Harmony Solos!

Mandolin- Cuckoo's Nest
Many recognize this old fiddle tune from an influential Nickel Creek album, and we're gonna have some fun with it! I've written a harmony part for the 2nd solo, so grab a friend and get to work!

Sweet By-and-By...TWO Guitar Solos!

Guitar- Sweet By-and-By Flatpick
I hope you're ready to have some fun cause I've got two solos for you to work on. The first is a Carter-style melody solo down looowwwww, then we jump up an octave for licks and crosspickin'! Both of these are in the key of C and sound mighty fine.
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