June 2016 Posts

Grandfather's Clock Mandolin Lesson!

Mandolin- Grandfather's Clock
Let's do this one in the traditional key of G, keep the melody straightforward, but enhance it with movement, harmonics, and double-stop harmonies (how bout that description?!)!

Leather Britches Single-String Banjo Solo!

Leather Britches Single-String Banjo Solo!
This Leather Britches arrangement is my first single-string lesson on the site! The song just lends itself to the single-string style, and this is a great time to dive on in! I like playing single-string because we force our pick hand to do things it does

Two HOT Guitar Solos for Leather Britches!

Guitar- Leather Britches Melody and Bluesy Solos!
When's the last time you heard "hot" and "leather britches" in the same sentence? Whenever it was, it probably wasn't used this way. The first solo is an intermediate-level straight-ahead melody, while the second solo is gonna push you a bit. Don't forget

Arkansas Traveler for Banjo!

Banjo- Arkansas Traveler
If you're looking for licks, tricks, and a melodic challenge, check this one out! It's got triplets, trips up the neck, and a cool presentation of the melody. Arkansas Traveler is in D, but we're capoing up 2 and playing out of C position!

Leather Britches for Mandolin!

Mandolin- Leather Britches
Not only was it my Granny's highschool nickname, "Leather Britches" is also the name of a lively fiddle tune in G! This one really works the alternate picking and has a super cool drone sound to it. We'll learn the straight-ahead melody which is still pre
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