April 2016 Posts

Cattle in the Cane for Banjo!

Banjo- Cattle in the Cane
The A part is in A major and the B Part in A minor, but we ain't usin' no capo. It is challenging to play in other keys in open G tuning, but incredibly rewarding to do so! We'll learn this melodic version, but also talk about approaching tunes in other k

Cattle in the Cane for Mandolin!

Mandolin- Cattle in the Cane
My version of this classic fiddle tune was inspired by a Sam Bush version I'd heard, and I worked in some Steffey-style licks as well! The A Parts are major while the B parts are minor, making this an interesting and catchy tune!

Cattle in the Cane for Guitar!

Guitar- Cattle in the Cane
Cattle in the Cane is a unique fiddle tune in that the A parts are in the key of Amaj, but the B Parts are in Amin. We're gonna play this one with no capo, in A position, and establish a fairly straight-ahead melody that is fun to pick!

Billy in the Lowground for Melodic Banjo!

Banjo- Billy in the Lowground
Y'all know how much I like melodic arrangements, and this is definitely one of 'em! We're in the key of C with no capo, up the neck, down the neck, with some cool closed licks that work over any chord!

In the Sweet By-and-By Mandolin Solo!

Mandolin- In the Sweet By-and-By
If someone asked me to play a solo to this classic gospel tune on their album, this is what they'd get. Let me show you how I go about building tasty solos that follow the melody!
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