February 2016 Posts

Banjo 107- Square/Mixed Rolls

Banjo 107- Square or Mixed Rolls
I spent a lot of time designing this one, y'all. The square or mixed banjo roll is a simple concept with huge implications for our banjo playing! This lesson is designed to systematically teach you the full capabilities of the square roll and how to use i

East Tennessee Blues for Guitar!

Guitar- East Tennessee Blues
Let's learn not one, but TWO solos for East Tennessee Blues on geetar! We'll start up high with a fairly straight ahead melody, then drop down an octave and introduce some blues and boogie woogie licks!

Creating Banjo "Drive" with Fireball Mail!

Banjo- Creating Drive with Fireball Mail
What is banjo "drive?" It's a big word, and we're gonna talk about what it is and ways that we can increase it. Let's learn 3 versions of "Fireball Mail," presenting the melody differently each time to create more drive in our banjo pickin'!
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