October 2016 Posts

Wabash Cannonball for Mandolin!

Mandolin- Wabash Cannonball
Let's do this one in G, learn a low and high solo, and let's use doublestops to beef it up! Last week I lost a great-uncle who influenced me a great deal musically. He was the first man I ever did see who played fiddle and mandolin. I was infatuated and w

Scruggs-Style Bill Cheatham for Banjo!

Banjo- Bill Cheatham- Scruggs Style
I taught an advanced Alan Munde melodic version years ago but have had many requests for a Scruggs-style approach. The trick is communicating the busy melody of Bill Cheatham using Scruggs-style licks, so we'll have to choose which melody notes are import

Bill Cheatham Guitar Lesson!

Guitar- Bill Cheatham Melody Solo Lesson
I taught a super-advanced tricky version years ago, but many have asked for a straight-ahead melody version...this one is fun! We're also gonna work on being strategic when shifting our fret-hand as well as bare bones alternate pickin'!

Melodic Improvisation on the Mandolin!

Mandolin- Melodic Improvisation- Wreck of Old 97
What if I told you I could teach you to improvise? That's a pretty tall order, I know, but I'm confident we can do it. What do I need from you? I need you to put in some effort following the system laid out in this groundbreaking lesson.
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