January 2016 Posts

Faded Love for Mandolin!

Mandolin- Faded Love
I've probably had a hundred requests to teach this one. I love this old swing fiddle standard, which was adapted by Bob Wills from a much older melody called "Darling Nelly Gray." This is an advanced arrangement because we're using mucho sycopated timing

Angeline the Baker Melody Solos for Guitar!

Guitar- Angeline the Baker- Melody Solos
Stuck inside this weekend? It's time to pick some Angeline! We'll learn a low melody version, then move it up an octave and play it up top. This is an intermediate level tune that's tons of fun to pick!

Sailor's Hornpipe for Banjo!

Banjo- Sailor's Hornpipe
I'm getting this one out a day early this week! I do a whole lot of teaching in this one, y'all. Melodic banjo is fun. Sailor's are fun. Horns and pipes are fun. So that means Sailor's Hornpipe in the key of G for melodic banjo is fun.

Sailor's Hornpipe for Guitar!

Guitar- Sailor's Hornpipe
Hearing this tune probably brings back memories of spinach cans and biceps. It's a blast to play, with some great crosspicking and up-the-neck licks!
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