August 2015 Posts

Temperance Reel for Mandolin!

Mandolin- Temperance Reel
Click on link below to hear my version! This old Celtic fiddle tune is in the key of G and tons of fun to play. The first A & B parts are basic melody, but then I give you some Celtic ornaments in the second A/B parts that sets it apart! For that reason t

Temperance Reel for Guitar!

Guitar- Temperance Reel
Click on the link below to hear my version! This is an old fiddle tune in the key of G that is lots of fun to play. I've created a fairly basic version of the tune, so it's a great one for anyone to tackle!

Banjo Bag O' Licks, Facebook Edition!

Banjo- Bag O' Licks, Facebook Edition
I asked you over on my facebook page to submit licks you wanted to learn. Now we're gonna learn 'em, including: J.D. Crowe & Earl Scruggs backup lick, Ron Stewart double pull-off lick, Bobby Thompson melodic lick, and a really cool bluesy bend lick!

Nominate a Banjo Lick!

Nominate a banjo lick!
Hey banjo pickers, Do you have a favorite lick that you can't seem to figure out? Let's learn it! Click on the link below to see how...

Learn to Play "Liberty" on Mandolin!

Mandolin- Liberty
Follow the link below to hear the tune! Liberty is an old tune with a varied history. It's had lots of different names as its popularity spread around the world. In the key of D, only three basic chords are used and it's pretty simple to play. This tab is
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