June 2015 Posts

How Great Thou Art on Mandolin!

Mandolin- How Great Thou Art
Click on the link below to hear this beautiful version! Even though this is a slow tune, I have it in the advanced section because of the technique it requires to make it "pretty" and smooth. I've got the solo tab for the mando as well as the tab for the

Cripple Creek for Guitar: Low and High Solos!

Guitar- Cripple Creek, Low and High Solos
Click on the link below to hear these HOT solos! I've got two solos for this one: a low solo and a high solo. Both are built for speed and are perhaps the most fun flatpickin' arrangements I've created. Don't forget to download the 3 speeds of rhythm trac

Wabash Cannonball for Banjo: Down and Up the Neck!

Banjo- Wabash Cannonball
There are two solos in this tab, one down-the-neck and one up-the-neck. It has a little bit of everything, with the low part being Scruggs based and the high part including some blues and melodic touches.

Building Speed on Mandolin with Alternate Picking!

Mandolin- Pick Stroke Exercise- Alternate Picking
My goal in this pick stroke exercise is for alternate picking to be ingrained deep in the brain membrane! This will increase speed, tone, and evenness in your pickin'. We do this by playing a 2-octave G and A major scale while adding a series of hammer-on
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