May 2015 Posts

It Is Well With My Soul, Fingerstyle Guitar!

Guitar- It Is Well With My Soul- Finger Style Guitar
Click on the link below to hear this arrangement! Who doesn't love this old hymn? I've had it requested numerous times for a couple years now and I'm glad to do it. This arrangement is very straightforward...we have the melody and basic chords. It's robus

Banjo 105: Learing Backward Rolls!

Banjo 105- Learning Backward Rolls
Why are backward or reverse rolls hard? You might not think they are, but for the vast majority of banjer pickers, they're more difficult to play fast and evenly, both physically and mentally. Welp, I'm gonna do my best to help you there. I'm using "Boil

Learning and Using Mandolin Arpeggios!

Mandolin- Learning and Using Arpeggios
This is one of those theory lessons that you just need to watch as a mandolin player. We're going to first learn every arpeggio in EVERY key, then we'll learn how to use them to create harmonies in our playing with a simple version of "She'll Be Comin' Ar

All About Guitar Capos!

Guitar- All About Capos
Click on the link below to see more! Unless you're the next Chet Atkins, sooner or later you're gonna have to use a capo. This is a 30+ minute lesson that covers everything you need to know regarding: which capo you should use, proper capo placement, theo

Banjo Backup: Introduction to 6th Intervals!

Banjo- Introduction to 6th Interval Backup
ATTENTION: Monumental lesson ahead! If someone sat down in my studio and said, "Ben, how do you play slow banjo backup up-the-neck?", this is what I'd show them. Folks, this is a 40+ minute video that I believe can create a paradigm shift in your playing
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