March 2015 Posts

Finger Style Guitar, There is a Fountain!

Guitar- There is a Fountain- Finger Style
Click on the link to hear this beautiful version! This song reaches deep down in my heart and brings back precious memories. This fingerstyle arrangement is robust enough to play anywhere, but also simple enough for anyone to learn. I hope you enjoy playi

Basic and Intermediate John Henry for Banjo!

Banjo- John Henry
Click on the link below to hear these two versions! This isn't just two-lessons-in-one...this is actually two different lessons! I've got a basic version that is straight melody with no frills. It's perfect for someone who has never learned this song or i

Mandolin A Major Scale Study and Speed Builder!

Mandolin- A Major Scale Study
Click on the link below to begin this lesson! Do you want to know how the mandolin neck "works?" It's lessons like this that I wish I had years ago. We're going to learn most everything there is to know about an "A Major" scale, then throw in some speed e

Arkansas Traveler, Basic and Intermediate Guitar!

Guitar- Arkansas Traveler- Basic and Advanced
Click on the link below to see these versions! Not only will we learn two solos for this tune, we'll also learn how to improvise! We'll start with a basic version of this fiddle tune in "D," then learn to fill spaces and add a blues note to create an inte
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