February 2015 Posts

Basic and Advanced Angeline the Baker for Banjo!

Banjo- Angeline the Baker
Click on the link below to watch my version! We've got two solos in Drop C tuning for this classic ol' fiddle tune. The first one is a basic-intermediate version, but the second one really steps it up, taking advantage of the low 4th string! I also have 3

Angeline the Baker for Mandolin...Basic and Advanced!

Mandolin- Angeline the Baker
Click the link below to hear my banjo/mando duet! I've got two breaks for classic fiddle tune in D. The first is a basic, low solo that sticks really close to the melody. The second takes the melody up an octave adding triplets and up-the-neck tricks! I a

Red Wing on Guitar! Basic Melody and Advanced Solo!

Guitar- Red Wing
Click on the link below to hear this tune! I think this is some of the best teaching I've done recently, because we start out with the basic melody, then go measure-by-measure through the advanced and talk about how it's built from the basic melody.

Red Wing on Banjo!

Banjo- Red Wing- Alan Munde
Click on the link below to hear Red Wing! These are two killer solos written by Alan Munde for Red Wing–one down the neck and one up high. Also included is a basic melody tab so you can download and compare with Alan's version. Don't forget to grab the rh
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