September 2014 Posts

How to Play Pull Offs on the Guitar!

Guitar- How to Play Pull-Offs
Click on the link below to check out the lesson! There are some lessons on this site that are absolutely integral to playing your instrument, and this is one of them! I answer all your questions about this foundational guitar technique, then we learn seve

Crosspicking Wildwood Flower on Mandolin!

Mandolin- Wildwood Flower- Crosspicking
Click on the link below to hear this tune/exercise! This is really two lessons in one. I had my sister Penny drop in the Pickin' Parlor to lend a hand on some Jesse McReynolds-style crosspicking. We'll work on some exercises that will get your hands going

Bluesy Banjo Backup!

Banjo- Bluesy Backup
Every banjo player eventually wants to be a better backup player, and this one is gonna give you an edge for bluesy tunes! What I like most about these patterns is they don't use any open strings, which means you can use them to play in ANY key without a

Softly and Tenderly Guitar Lesson!

Guitar- Softly and Tenderly
Click on the link below to hear the tune! This is a beautiful version of a childhood favorite, and it's fingerstyle, none the less. Nothing is too tough about this version, but the harmonies created really bring the melody to life. I have tabs and 3 diffe
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