August 2014 Posts

Softly and Tenderly Mandolin Lesson!

Mandolin- Softly and Tenderly
Click on the link below to hear this tune! This is a beautiful mandolin/guitar duet in the key of G. The tab is written exactly as I performed it, with the first half being the backup I play behind the guitar solo. This song is slow, but it has some beaut

24 Different Banjo Kickoffs in G, C, and D!

Banjo Kickoffs in G, C, & D
Click on the link below to check out the vids/tabs! Every single banjer picker is going to have to kickoff a song sooner or later, and you might as well do it in style! In this lesson, we're going to learn 24 different kickoffs in the keys of G, C, and D.

G Major Scale and Speed Builder for Guitar!

Guitar- G Major Scale Study
Click on the link below to see this lesson! This lesson is a technique and speed-building monster, and one that every single guitar player should be familiar with. We're going to learn the G major two-octave scale in two different positions, then build sp

Keep on the Sunny Side on Mandolin!

Mandolin- Keep on the Sunny Side
Click on the link below to watch the solo preview! What a fun tune to play! I love the doublestops in this one, and while it's not too hard to learn, it's plenty enough to keep your attention. Don't forget to join as a Gold Pick member to download the rhy
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