June 2014 Posts

Saint Annes Reel on Mandolin!

Mandolin- Saint Anne's Reel
Click on the link below to see the performance and download tabs/mp3's! I offer you two great tabs for mandolin this week. One is the very basic solo I play first in the lesson preview, and the other is a more advanced solo taught in the video series. I a

Talking Banjo Backup with Alan Munde!

Alan Munde Backup Banjo
Click the link below to see the full 45+ minute interview! You can't be in the banjo world for long without hearing Alan Munde's name! From playing with Jimmy Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys to his recording with Sam Bush to his incredible stint with The

Man of Constant Sorrow on Geetar!

Guitar- Man of Constant Sorrow
Click on the link below to see the video! I absolutely LOVE this version on guitar! It would be easy to throw together a bunch of bluesy licks that work over the chords, but it's another thing to play bluesy licks that sing the melody, which is what we do

Mandolin Bag O Licks in G!

Mandolin- Bag O' Licks in G
Click on the link BELOW to watch the video! This lesson teaches you 8 different G licks, and 4 licks each of C, D, and E minor. We then learn how to put them together over an "example" chord progression, but most importantly, I teach you how to apply them
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