February 2014 Posts

Pick Technique Exercise for Mandolin!

Mandolin- Syncopated Picking
Click the link below to see the vids/tab! Have you often wondered how people play those great melodic licks on mandolin that seem to just flow like a stream? Well, now you can play them too! I've some great exercises and a 15+ minute video showing you how

Basic Banjo Lesson– Oh, Susanna

Banjo- Oh, Susanna!
Click on the link below to see the videos, tab, and rhythm mp3! This is a great basic version of the classic, "Oh, Susanna!" I actually teach two solos in this tab and the 20+ minute video lesson that accompanies it. The second solo adds in some basic mel

Basic Guitar Chords- Major and 7th!

Guitar- Learning Basic Chords
Click on the link below to the see the lesson! This lesson is built to take absolute beginners through the process of learning guitar chords. The diagram is great to simply print out and hang on the wall or near where you practice. This thorough lesson co

Wildwood Flower on Mandolin!

Mandolin- Wildwood Flower
Click the link below to hear my version of this tune! Most everyone knows this song, and those that do LOVE it! This is a great basic version in the key of C that follows the melody very closely. I'm excited to give the beginners another great tune to lea
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