October 2014 Posts

Forked Deer on Mandolin!

Mandolin- Forked Deer
Click on the link below to hear the solo! This is a classic fiddle tune in the key of D that is a lot of fun to play. I built it very basic so beginner players could not only learn a version, but also learn to fill in the melody with 8th notes. Enjoy!

Big Sciota on Banjo!

Banjo- Big Sciota
Click on the link below to hear this tune! Those of you who know me know that I love me some melodic banjo and this screams for it. This is classic melodic style, and we throw in a little single-string and inside rolls for fun!

Big Sciota on Guitar!

Guitar- Big Sciota
Click on the link to hear it! This is a challenging arrangement of this classic fiddle tune, but incredibly rewarding to learn! This one has it all–triplets, up-the-neck licks, double-stops, and more! Don't forget to download the 3 speeds of rhythm track

Big Sciota on Mandolin!

Mandolin- Big Sciota
Click on the link to hear the solo! This is an old song in the key of G that follows the typical fiddle tune form. I wrote the 1st A/B parts to be more basic, but then we're gonna stretch on the 2nd A/B parts. I also included 3 different speeds of mp3 rhy

Basic Banjo Backup and Chord Walking!

Banjo- Basic Backup- Chord Walking
Click on the link below! This is a truckload of a backup banjo lesson! Everyone wants (and needs!) to learn how to play solid, steady rolling backup down the neck, and we're gonna do it! I really do think this is one of the best and most applicable lesson
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