September 2013 Posts

Under the Double Eagle on Banjer!

Under the Double Eagle on Banjo!
Click on the link below to see a free performance of the tune! This song is played in the key of C by putting a capo on the 5th fret. I know you're gonna love this one!

Under the Double Eagle Mandolin Lesson!

Under the Double Eagle- Mandolin Lesson
See the full-band performance by clicking on the link below! This song was actually written in the late 1800's and made famous by American composer John Philip Sousa. But that hasn't kept it from leaking over into bluegrass circles, where I think it belon

Banjo- Updated Version of I'll Fly Away

Banjo- I'll Fly Away
Follow the link below to watch a preview of this lesson! I first taught this song 5 1/2 years ago on YouTube! Wow, things sure have changed since then, and I've received numerous requests to redo this lesson with the new format. I've expanded and deepened
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