July 2013 Posts

Banjo Kickoffs!

Banjo Kickoffs
If yer gonna play a song or a solo on the banjo, you need to know how to kick 'er off! In this lesson, I offer 15 different kickoffs! Not only that, but I show you how to use the kickoffs to land on specific melody notes for your intros and breaks. Kick '

Geetar Bag O Licks in D!

Guitar- Bag O' Licks in D
In this lesson, I offer you 10 HOT D licks that range in style and length. We'll start with the D version of the "G Run", then move into up-the-neck licks, blues notes, triplets and more!

Bag O Licks for Mandolin- 10 Hot C Licks!

Mandolin- Bag O' Licks in C
I offer you 10 hot licks in the key of "C"! These work GREAT for playing in the key of C, but also in other keys that use a C chord in the progression (G, F, etc.). These licks work mighty fine as solo licks, but I especially like them for filling in when

Bag O Licks- Up the Neck Banjer!

Banjo- Bag O' Licks, Up the Neck
All banjer pickers want to play up the neck, and this is a great way to get started! I offer you 3 "G" licks, 2 "C" & "D" licks, and 2 "utility" licks that can be used over lots of chords. I also give you 3 different lick combos putting the licks together
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