June 2013 Posts

Soldiers Joy for Mandolin!

Soldier's Joy for Mandolin!
A classic fiddle tune in the key of D! This one is simple enough for all to learn, but with some cool tricks thrown in the second A and B parts...I love those chromatic runs! Click on the link to see video of this lesson!

Soldiers Joy on Banjer!

Banjo- Soldier's Joy
It's always good to learn songs out of "C" position, but especially cool when they're in "Drop C" tuning. That's what we're doing with this one, then we slap a capo on the 2nd fret to play in the key of D. The first A and B parts are fairly straight ahead

Geetar Version of Soldier's Joy!

Guitar Lesson- Soldier's Joy
This one is a LOT of fun to play! Soldier's Joy is usually played in the key of D, but we're gonna slap a capo on the 2nd fret and play out of C. As with many fiddle tunes, this one has the AABB format, so I spice up the second A and B parts to give you s
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