April 2013 Posts

Finger Style Gospel Guitar- In The Garden

Gospel Guitar-In The Garden
In this world, there are a few melodies that stand alone apart from the words, and this is one. Perhaps one of the most beautiful and timeless hymns ever written, "In the Garden" holds a special place in my heart! Check out this straight-ahead finger styl

My memories of The Possom...

Memories of The Possom...
We lost a good one today. George Jones has passed away. In my opinion, he was the greatest singer Nashville has ever seen. I had the incredible privilege of playing piano on the Grand Ole Opry for George's...

Mandolin Version- Turkey In The Straw!

Mandolin- Turkey In The Straw!
Rumor has it that "Turkey In The Straw" was the very first #1 radio hit in American history! As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather hear it over most the stuff on the radio nowadays as well! Check out this great version of a classic tune...

Scruggs/Melodic Banjo Solo- Turkey In The Straw!

Banjo Lesson- Turkey In The Straw
This is a perfect blend of Scruggs-style and melodics, tied up neatly in a tune we all know and love! Like most fiddle tunes, this one has two A parts and two B parts, so there's lots of creative freedom in building your own breaks from the parts I offer.

Turkey In The Straw- New Geetar Lesson!

Guitar Lesson-Turkey In The Straw
Check out this cool arrangement! You probably remember this tune from when you were a kid, and this song has a way to take us back to the good 'ol days. I've built this break to cater to players of ALL levels, and I know you're gonna love it. Don't play i
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