March 2013 Posts

John Hardy- Two HOT Banjer Breaks!

Banjo- How to Play John Hardy
Here are two GREAT breaks for John Hardy! The first is a straight-ahead "Scruggs" style and the second is a Bela Fleck inspired lead. Find the videos and tab by clicking the link!

New Video & Tab for John Hardy on Mandolin!

John Hardy HOT Mandolin Solo!
John Hardy is simply...a fun tune to play! I built this one for SPEED! This version has some Monroe and Sam Bush type licks in it, and if you play it super-fast and a little bit "trashy", it'll still sounds GOOD! This one is in the key of "G", which gives

John Hardy Hot Flatpicking Solo!

John Hardy HOT Flatpickin' Solo!
This one is HOT! John Hardy is an old ballad written about a rough feller that lived in the late 1800's. This song has some great lyrics, but it's also played quite often as an instrumental! This song was recorded by the Carter Family in 1930, so the firs

Introduction to Mandolin!

Introduction to Mandolin!
Everyday, somebody somewhere picks up a mand'lin! And when you pick up a mandolin, you need to know what to do with it...

How to Play Banjo in D!

How to Play Banjo in D!
When the song is in "D", do you find yourself wanting to toss your banjo to the curb? Fear no more! "D" doesn't stand for stands for DONE! In this video and the tab that accompanies it, Ben clears the fog between you and the big D...and he
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