November 2012 Posts

Eighth of January for Banjer in "A"!

Banjo- Eighth of January
Many of you have been asking for more melodic stuff...well, here ya go! This one is fun to play and impressive to hear. Ol' Hickory AND Johnny Horton would be proud!

Eighth of January for Mandolin in "A"!

Mandolin Lesson- 8th of January
Some folks know this as Eighth of January...I grew up knowing it as "The Battle of New Orleans". The ironic thing is that I now live just a couple miles from "Col. Jackson's" homestead, The Hermitage. This is a great version of an...

Black Mountain Rag in A for GEETAR!

Black Mountain Rag in A for Guitar!
I've taught a Doc-style version of this tune out of the "C" position, but I heard lots of feedback for a version in the key of "A". Yes, I'm gullible, and I take, here you go. This is a sassy version that might get you slapped, but you'd bette

Black Mountain Rag- Banjer!

How To Play Black Mountain Rag on Banjo
This here is a great, succinct version in the Key of A to finish up our series on Black Mountain Rag on all 3 instruments. This is a "must learn" for all you banjer pickers! Black Mountain Rag is very often played blazingly fast, and this one is built to.
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