Chat with Banjo Ben

Here at, I want to offer you as many ways as possible to learn. There are several ways we do that, but perhaps I'm most excited about the new chat feature called the "Pickin' Parlor"! Besides your unlimited access to my videos and tabs, another perk of a Gold Pick or Lifetime membership is access to this virtual classroom, where I'll be holding regular webinars on a wide range of subjects for all instruments.

Here in the "Pickin' Parlor", you'll be able to watch me give LIVE instruction via my webcam. But, the coolest part is that you'll be able to interact with me, as well as the other students participating, via YOUR webcam at home!

Don't have a webcam on your computer? Not a problem! You'll still be able to log in and view the "Pickin' Parlor" content, as well as be able to ask questions or comment via text.

In the "Pickin' Parlor", we might tackle subjects such as, "Playing Guitar Rhythm in the Key of D", or "Learning to Improvise Banjo Solos Using Common Licks". Also, I'll be able to identify questions stemming from the new material released on the site each week. As I said, I'm really excited about this new technology available to us, and it's another reason why should be your choice for online instruction!

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