Red Haired Boy Pickin' Contest!- COMPLETED!

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Jun 2017

UPDATE: Congrats to Mark Rocka on his win! You can see his video HERE

First, watch the video explaining the contest by clicking HERE! 

Mandolin links: Video Lesson & Tabs/mp3's

Banjo links: Video Lesson & Tabs/mp3's

Contest Details & Rules: 

- Your video must be submitted to my FACEBOOK PAGE or your YouTube link copied/pasted HERE

- Video entries must be received by 12PM CST Wednesday, June 7 to be eligible for the drawing. 

- By submitting your video, you give me permission to perhaps use it in the results announcment. 

- To be eligible, pickers must play my arrangement note-for-note. Though I love improv, that's not the point of this contest. You may play it at any tempo you'd like. 

- You don't have to be a Gold Pick member to win. Non-members can purchase the tab to learn the song. 

- I will randomly draw a winner from the eligible entries received by the deadline. I may do more than one winner if there are lots of entries. 

- Winner will receive before-you-can-buy Banjo Ben t-shirt, cap, sticker, picks, and a new (not used) set of strings.

- If you submit a duet (or trio, etc.) of this arrangment being played in unison, you will receive multiple entries and multiple prizes if picked. 

- Video entries must have a mandolin. If you don't play mandolin, recruit a mandolin player to learn my version!

- Please submit questions below and I will answer them. 

14 Comments on "Red Haired Boy Pickin' Contest!- COMPLETED!"

Re: Red Haired Boy Pickin' Contest! #
Hey Ben -- great idea for a contest! At the end of the requirements it says "video entries must have a mandolin", but you've also provided a link to the banjo lesson. Are banjo pickers not allowed to enter as a solo, or will that be a separate contest to come later?
Posted by Tom Kleinert on 6/1/2017 2:14:19 PM
Re: Red Haired Boy Pickin' Contest! #
Wish you had categories! I'm sure you have some very advanced pickers in your audience. I just spent days learning redhaired boy as a beginner. But I don't think there's a place for my rendition. đŸ˜³
Posted by T on 6/1/2017 2:17:18 PM
Reply to Tom Kleinert #
I provided the banjo link for unison entries, but it's primarily a mandolin contest. I will do a banjo-specific contest soon. However, find you a mando pickin' buddy and get them to learn the arrangement. Y'all record it in unison and perhaps both receive prizes!
Posted by banjoben on 6/1/2017 2:21:54 PM
Reply to T #
The contest is not for folks to submit their own arrangement, it's to submit MY arrangement that I released to the site this week. Please read the 4th detail above. Thanks, and you can do it!
Posted by banjoben on 6/1/2017 2:23:28 PM
Re: Red Haired Boy Pickin' Contest! #
I'm definitely going to enter! I play this song on a few different instruments and I'll send in a mandolin entry. When will the winner(s) be announced?
Posted by Jacob Williams on 6/1/2017 2:24:47 PM
Reply to Jacob Williams #
The contest closes Wednesday, June 7, at noon central. I'll do a drawing that afternoon on facebook live, share that video to my page, and notify the winner(s). Get to pickin'!
Posted by banjoben on 6/1/2017 2:27:39 PM
Re: Red Haired Boy Pickin' Contest! #
hey Ben, today is my 80th birthday. Ben playing mandolin about year and a half. I come out of a classical background and learned on the mandolin reading music (notes). I have a bit of trouble reading tab. Is it a total pain in the fanny to also produce your arrangements with notes as well as tabs. It would be most appreciated. I am a gold member.
Posted by Ralph Taylor on 6/1/2017 2:33:09 PM
Reply to Ralph Taylor #
You can do that with a click of a button by using the free TefView reader program. Please watch the first video on the lesson page that says "How to use TablEdit Tef tab files." Thanks for your support of the site, and it's never too late!
Posted by banjoben on 6/1/2017 2:39:55 PM
Re: Red Haired Boy Pickin' Contest! #
Are you allowed to enter with just a banjo or is it a mando only contest?
Posted by Clive on 6/1/2017 10:34:19 PM
Reply to Clive #
This is primarily a mando contest and must have a mando playing the solo I taught. Go find a mando-pickin' buddy and have them learn it–there's time!
Posted by banjoben on 6/2/2017 5:59:14 AM
Re: Red Haired Boy Pickin' Contest! #
can i have a friend play with me on guitar instead of banjo
Posted by gytterplayer on 6/2/2017 12:24:28 PM
Reply to Gytterplayer #
YES, you sure can, as long as you play my arrangement in unison!
Posted by banjoben on 6/2/2017 1:27:39 PM
Re: Red Haired Boy Pickin' Contest! #
Any chance for Guitar tab and lesson?????
Posted by Tommytouchtone on 6/3/2017 6:52:18 AM
Reply to Tommytouchtone #
Coming soon, I bet!
Posted by banjoben on 6/3/2017 9:40:04 AM
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