3 HOT Guitar Solos for John Henry!

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Mar 2017

First things first–The month of April will be spent creating new videos and features for the updated site releasing soon! Therefore, I will not be publishing weekly videos for the next month. But believe me–the wait will be worth it! Thank y'all for the support! 

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This week's lesson is huge. I'll teach you 3 HOT solos for "John Henry" in the key of G. We'll start down low and progress up the neck. You can do it!

CLICK HERE to see the 30+ minute lesson and FREE PREVIEW

CLICK HERE to download the tabs and 3 speeds of jamtracks if you're a member! If not, you can purchase them.  



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Posted by LUGRIN on 3/31/2017 10:58:42 AM
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Posted by Richard on 4/2/2017 6:52:44 PM
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Hell yeah!!!!
Posted by Roger on 4/27/2017 5:59:08 PM
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