Multiple Keys, No Capo! Red River Valley on Banjo!

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Mar 2017

Most of you know a huge site update is coming soon! This involves a LOT of work. I'm spending tons of time creating new content and migrating old content (70+ hours/week), so I won't be releasing regular weekly lessons over the next month. Don't worry–it will be worth the wait! Even if you're a member, sign up here to stay up to date with the launch:!


This week we'll learn 3 banjo solos for Red River Vally in 3 different keys. But here's the kicker–no capo or retuning! Let's start in the key of C, then modulate to D and G. There's different strategy involved for each key, which is what we'll focus on the most!


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2 Comments on "Multiple Keys, No Capo! Red River Valley on Banjo!"

Re: Multiple Keys, No Capo! Red River Valley on Banjo! #
Another fantastic banjo lesson Ben. I do love these tunes with multiple key changes. I don't play many tunes in D so this is an interesting challenge for me. Looking ahead to more fun stuff in the future.
Posted by Archie Cairns on 3/27/2017 3:18:22 PM
Re: Multiple Keys, No Capo! Red River Valley on Banjo! #
Just like to add. The more I work on this arrangement the more I love it. Each Key has it's own group of challenges. I thought that when I got to the Key of G everything would be plain sailing. Not a bit of it. Things are beginning to come together as I start to gradually build speed. Great job Ben.
Posted by Archie Cairns on 4/6/2017 4:05:07 PM
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