Boogie Woogie Banjo Backup– 2nd Edition!

Posted by: banjoben
Mar 2017

I'll be honest–this is some of my most extensive and applicable teaching regarding banjo backup–a HOT topic among players. We're gonna learn four different closed boogie woogie licks that build upon each other. I'll show you how to use, modify, and transpose these licks to any key! Don't miss this lesson.


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3 Comments on "Boogie Woogie Banjo Backup– 2nd Edition!"

Re: Boogie Woogie Banjo Backup– 2nd Edition! #
With such high quality instruction. Boy am I glad I have a Lifetime Membership. I have tried many 'other' banjo instructional sites. Banjo Ben's website is just so much better than ALL the rest put together. That's even before Ben's big 2017 upgrade.
Posted by Archie Cairns on 3/3/2017 8:32:12 AM
Re: Boogie Woogie Banjo Backup– 2nd Edition! #
Posted by Tom Self on 3/3/2017 9:30:18 AM
Re: Boogie Woogie Banjo Backup– 2nd Edition! #
What a great lesson I have been working on the Boogie Woogie Lick but this is a nice rif if I can get it down. Thanks
Posted by Carroll on 3/3/2017 5:18:59 PM
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