Blackberry Blossom– Guitar Speed & Rhythm Exercise!

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Feb 2017

Let's have some fun. I've built a Blackberry Blossom that doubles as a speed exercise, and we'll also dive deep into some rhythm options that'll tickle your toes. And, don't forget them 3 speeds of jamtrack mp3's!


ALSO, all of you SHOULD have gotten an email from me announcing some pretty major news. If you didn't, you'll wanna CLICK HERE!!!


CLICK HERE to see the 30-minute lesson and free preview!

CLICK HERE to download the tabs and 3 speeds of jamtrack mp3's!


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Re: Blackberry Blossom– Guitar Speed #
YES!!!! Love this song... glad to see you re-visiting this gem.
Posted by paige on 2/18/2017 11:19:00 AM
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